Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Safaricom Sevens Entrants Finalised

Sixteen teams have tentatively confirmed participation in this years edition of the Safaricom Sevens. Top seeds of course are Kenya followed by last years' runners up the Emerging Boks. Interestingly, Argentina are seeded third and unknown entity Hamilton Raiders fourth. Eight African sides are included in the draw for the event that also serves as a pseudo African Sevens Championship.

The pools are as follows.

Emerging Boks Argentina
Hamilton Raiders
Les Bleus

You can find the Emerging Boks team here. Also, this years nominees for the IRB Sevens Player of the year here. Interesting once more to see who will win. The playmaker, the inspiration, the mule or the flyer. Last year left us disappointed in the choice.


Anonymous said...

We should have a place reserved for the current national 7s Champions - Strathmore Leos. None of their players are on the National team...

Anonymous said...

True!! atleast they will be stronger than tanzania or botswana, why invite such teams ?

Anonymous said...

Last Years final choice was an absolute bloody travesty and nothing short of it.

Anyway, for this year, My vote would go to Pesamino, though I think Gollings needs some kind of accolade for consistently kick starting my ulcers and Blood Pressure whenever he touches the ball against any team I support.


10+ Years? That is no mean feat.
If this was his last year (doubt it) I would most certainly give it to him.

Anonymous said...

Tanzania and Botswana need a chance to develop their 7s games. They have to start from somewhere - where better than Safari 7s. Don't forget the thrashings Kenya had their first couple of years on the IRB series. Over the years they have developed into a strong side and have become a core side but if they hadn't been given that initial chance ... ?

Anonymous said...

We want a more competitive tournament, That will lure stronger teams like Fiji to attend!!this thrashings wont help a team like TZ that has a team of expats from like 8 countries. They can play in our sevens circuit if they want to improve.

Anonymous said...

You are dreaming if you think that stronger teams like Fiji will be lured by the a more competitive tournament. Lucrative cash prizes is what will get them here and the other teams such as NZ etc. Let's not get carried away with the popularity of Safari 7's and start making hyping it up to be bigger than it is.

Anonymous said...

What!! Then lets get the prize money to get new zealand or england here, or move it to a time when it makes sense 4 them 2 attend. Krfu's mandate is to develop the game in kenya and not tz or botswana!! Leave that 2 their bloody unions. They hav a greater responsibility 2 develop strathmore than 2 invite useless tz in their quest to make money an attempt 2 appear 2 be dev the game in africa 2 secure direct irb funding of which minimal accounting is required

Anonymous said...

Good points raised by people who know what matters. Let TZ and Botswana develop themselves and let us develop ourselves.
It is also important for us not to be carried away that Safari Sevens is a big event. By Kenyan standards yes, but by international standards - forget it. Ask those who played at the hottest 7s in Australia and they will tell you.
A tournament is not about how many fans come but how much money is put into it and how much it makes. Thats why all teams went to Namibia last year but only development sides come to Kenya.

DataMiner said...

As usual.. said it a long time ago

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